When you use the SESAM KEY app, SESAM does not collect, store or process any personal data.

The SESAM KEY app is downloaded and stored locally on your phone. SESAM´s own servers doesn´t talk to the app and the app will not send personal information, in any form, back to SESAM. Every interaction is between you and the company/companies.

For you to take use of our application, we need to authenticate you. For this authentication procedure to take place, and for us to provide the services as defined below, we ask you to sign in with either your Google-account or Microsoft-account. Next you will be asked to enter the e-mail address of the e-mail account that you wish to collect data from. This will only enable the app to collect data to your phone locally, no data is sent to SESAM. This permits the app to provide you a structured overview of the companies you have been in contact with and at what time. You can tick off for which companies that you want to enforce your rights towards.

Upon request, SESAM has produced letters that will be sent automatically to the company/companies you have selected. This includes template requests for right to access, right to deletion and right to data portability, so you can port your data from one company to another. Replies from a company will be sent directly to your private email account. SESAM cannot under any circumstances see the content of these interactions.

The data we collect doesn´t in any form permit association with any specific individual. When a request is made we obtain an anonymized unique irreversible user-number, information about what type of request, your feedback of the companies replies if you choose to provide it to us, and domain name of the relevant company. This data may be used to generate anonymized user statistics about the operational aspects of the app. We may use these statistics to understand our users behaviour and improve our products, and provide rankings of the companies in relation to the requests being made through the app.

As SESAM do not process any personal information, SESAM will not be subject to GDPR or any other applicable privacy laws. Correspondingly, users of the app are not considered data subjects in accordance to GDPR.

The app has no back-ups. When the app is deleted all information on the app is deleted immediately. The application is as secure as your own phone.

Change of the Privacy Policy

We reserve the right to amend or repeal this policy at any time by posting a revised Privacy Policy or a new policy document in its place. If such revised or new policy includes a significant change to how data may be treated, SESAM will notify the user of the fact that its privacy policy has changed.

Contact us

SESAM takes your privacy seriously. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about our Privacy Policy or practices. You may contact us by filling out this form, send an e-mail to our, or use our mailing address below.

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