How does the Sesam GDPR Privacy Platform work?

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    Download our GDPR Excel setup.
    Here you can fill in Purposes and Datatypes for all the personal data you have in your systems. When you are done, upload it again to the platform.
    You only need to upload this Excel again if there are changes to it.

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    Set the name of your GDPR portal, choose the url you prefer, add description that will be seen by the data subject and upload your logo – if you want to. Just to let your customers know that this is your GDPR Portal for them.

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    Good to go

    That’s it. Your GDPR portal is all set! The data subjects can now log in to your Access portal to request for their data.

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    Delivering the rights of the data subjects

    Whenever somebody requests for their data, the system owners you have specified in the GDPR Excel setup will receive a mail about the request made by the data subject. They can collect the necessary data, fill it into the Data Request Excel template and upload it to the platform again.

    When this is done, the data subject will be notified that his or her data is ready for access. In the Access portal the data subject can exercise all their rights, i.e:

    • Right of access (art. 15)
    • Consent management (art. 7)
    • Right to be forgotten (art. 17)
    • Right to rectification (art. 16)
    • Right to data portability (art. 20)
    • Communication of personal data breach (art. 34)
    • Right to object (art. 21)
    • Right to not be subject to automated decision-making (art. 22)
    • Right to restriction of processing (art. 18)

Still sounds like a lot of work?

Don't worry. You can automate this process whenever you feel like, one system at a time.

Just get in touch and we'll tell you how. Neat isn't it?

Show, don't tell

Take a look at the video that shows how it all works.
Bear with us, we made this video all by ourselves without much effort since we spent all our time and money on the product instead.