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Unique Datahub

All your data, from all your systems, connected together and available as a single shared resource.

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Support for ETL, Data Integration, Data Sharing, Process Orchestration, and Automation.

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Hybrid Platform

A service available both in cloud and on-premise for complete access to all your data whenever you need it.

The new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will be enforced from May 25th 2018. Do you want to know how to solve this for your business?

Come to our Solution seminar on December 7th from 08:00- 10:00.

This is a seminar on how Sesams GDPR-portal can help your business become GDPR compliant by facilitating users to access and manage their own data and consent.

* The seminar will be held in Norwegian and English.

All the data, from all the systems, available as a shared resource

We connect our data to ACT; To change the right meter, at the right customer, at the right time.


We connect our data to INFLUENCE; Providing the right information to the right people at the right time.


Why Sesam?

Empowering the visionaries in the business

Sesam redefines enterprise integration to be data orientated, highly agile and now. This empowers the people who need the data to act fast and derive value. With Sesam, data can quickly be re-purposed, re-structured and used, without changing the systems that own the original data.

An integration platform that cares

Sesam understands how data is flowing into and out of the hub. Sesam knows the expected shape, relations and frequency of your data, and can monitor and alert when data flowing between systems is not operating normally. Sesam is the first integration platform to care about your data.

The hub expl
Sesam is a platform for building enterprise data services

Applications of Sesam

Sesam simplifies a variety of complicated processes that your business might struggle with daily and makes infrequent tasks run more agile. Learn more about what Sesam can do for you:

Continuous ETL - Don’t just have scripts that dump data and import data. Sesam can continuously expose data from a source as and when it changes and update the target system.

Master Data Syndication - Many systems contain identifiers or data that can be used by other systems to improve automation and quality. Sesam simplifies the collection and delivery of this data through the business.

GDPR - The new data protection regulations (GDPR) come into effect in 2018. Sesam provides a solid technical solution to allow you to be best in class in delivering on the core tenants of those regulations.
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As a platform for data services - Many industries need to build and deliver new services. Government to its citizens, corporations to their departments. Sesam can be used as the basis for the construction of these new digital services.

Coping with legacy system replacement - Old systems may not have useful functions but the data they have is gold. Use Sesam to store and serve the data while expensive licenses can be 
turned off.

Process Automation - Send messages and data between systems based on how the data changes and the state of the data. Using the powerful language features of Sesam to build highly sophisticated process automation solutions.

We connect our data to AUTOMATE; Archiving of regulatory documents to achieve compliancy.


We connect our data to FIND; Complete historical documentasion and operational data for our cultural heritage.


Sesam as a service. Available on-premise and in the cloud


The Sesam integration platform is provided as a service; either hosted in the cloud or on-premise. As well as the core Sesam platform, an operational monitoring service is also available. This collects operational metadata from your running Sesam instance to provide oversight and insight into your Sesam! Operational monitoring gives you peace of mind to know that all the data is flowing where you want it, when you want it to.

Sesam Service

  • Cloud iconComprehensive API for quickly building and deploying solutions
  • Cloud iconManagement Studio for configuration and basic monitoring
  • Cloud iconLog based datahub for storing collected and transformed data.
  • Cloud iconData Transformation Language for transforming data.
  • Cloud iconAdaptors for existing systems - both for collecting and delivering data.
  • Cloud iconA powerful extension model for custom data sources and sinks
The hub expl
The hub expl

Monitoring Service

  • Cloud iconDashboard showing data flow health, and data volumes.
  • Cloud iconConfigure notifications of unusual data flow patterns.
  • Cloud iconConfigure notifications when source or target systems are unresponsive.
  • Cloud iconData flow and transformation performance information.
Sesam uses innovative log based storage and stream processing to deliver a reliable and powerful platform


Sesam is a general purpose data integration and processing platform. It is optimised for collecting or receiving data from source systems, connecting and transforming the data, and storing it in a central datahub. The datahub then provides data for any target system. Sesam produces and consumes streams of data based on the raw data from source systems. Each stream contains a number of data entities. Each entity consists of an identity and a number of name-value pairs. Sesam stores this data in datasets. Data transformations can join data across datasets to create new shapes of data, which can be exposed and delivered to other systems.

Dive deeper into the terms used in connection with our integration platform. Learn more about datasets, pipes, our unique datahub etc.

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Learn more about what our product is, how it works and how you can install and start to use it.

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We connect our data to LEARN; Discovering patterns we did not know existed.


We connect our data to OPTIMIZE; Delivering a complete tasklist to all employees.



Our customers says that Sesam has a provident technique that few enterprises takes advantage of. Sesam has helped many businesses to get access to and use their data, saving the companies high costs and giving them an easy and secure way of communicating between systems. Curious about how Sesam has solved their clients issues? Read our use cases.

Sesam blog

Learn more about what Sesam is and how it can be used. Read our blog.


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